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Ultra-low latency datacentre co-location
Ultra-low latency datacentre co-location

Spot Metals

Trade in precious metals such as gold and silver

Metals markets close at 23.55 on Friday and re-open at 01.05 on Monday. Please note that Dynamic Leverage may apply.

Symbols Description Standard Contract Size (1 lot) Minimum Lot Size Leverage Trading Sessions (Monday to Friday GMT+3)
XAG/USD Silver Vs US Dollar 5000 0.01 100:1 01:02-23:59
XAG/EUR Silver Vs Euro 5000 0.01 100:1 01:02-23:59
XAU/USD Gold Vs US Dollar 100 0.01 100:1 01:02-23:59
XAU/EUR Gold Vs Euro 100 0.01 100:1 01:02-23:59
XPD/USD Palladium Vs US Dollar 100 0.01 100:1 01:02-23:59
XPT/USD Platinum Vs US Dollar 100 0.01 100:1 01:02-23:59

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