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Errante is an online broker committed to providing top-tier services and building lasting and trusting relationships with clients.


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Errante aims to elevate your online trading experience with
easy-to-use tools and research at your fingertips.

Operating at the highest level of transparency.
Errante employs the latest security protocols to ensure maximum protection
for client funds and a smooth trading experience.

Honesty, transparency and integrity

are the cornerstones of Errante
business philosophy.

30+years of experience

We are a group of industry experts with an extensive background in the industry. Our combined experience guarantees the best possible service.


We pride ourselves in providing the best possible support to our clients. From helping you to register to educating you on markets and various aspects of trading.

Moving away from impersonal trading

Errante seeks to build lasting relationships with clients.


Our vision is to set a new standard on how online brokers treat their clients. Providing top-quality support to our clients and ensuring a reliable trading environment are at the cornerstone of our business philosophy, as we want you to only be concerned with making the right trading choices.


We are fully committed to providing top-tier services that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Day by day, we operate with transparency and professionalism in order for our clients & partners to feel that we make the difference in the online brokering industry.

Errante is ideal for everyone

We are an online broker that focuses on providing high-end, reliable services, while at the same time building mutual trust with our clients. For us clients are not just numbers on a spreadsheet; they are individuals, with individual needs and individual objectives. Whether you are a professional trader or new to the financial market, Errante can accommodate all!

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