Our New Market Strategist

We would like to introduce you to our new Market Strategist, Kenny Simon.

Kenny is a Trader, Currency Market Strategist, Public Speaker, Blogger, and Mentor. With a very capable team of fellow educators, that he has trained and located globally, he is heading the Educations and Research Centre of Errante. He has a passion for the Financial markets with more than 12 years of trading experience, with a consistent self-purpose of coaching traders to become Strategic Traders.

The following are amongst areas as the ultimate outcome, that he foresees through his Mentorship Programme:

  • To provide proper education in a simple, practical, and comprehendible way for all levels of traders.
  • To assist traders in deciphering or cut ‘noise of the market’ in order for traders and investors, to make better trading decisions.
  • To help traders and investors understand themselves and their Trading Personalities better to unleash clearer Trading Goals.
  • To coach/train traders, following his methodology that would help trader’s mastery of ‘Balancing’ the 3M’s:
    • Mind (Psychology – 60%)
    • Money (Risks & Money Management-30%)
    • Method (Strategies -10%)
  • Cater to the educational needs of prospects/traders/clients based on the three core target audience of Errante, as follows:
    • Traders
    • Investors
    • Partners/Affiliates

Kenny strongly believes that it boils down to ‘How’ effective the educations methodology has been delivered, the learning materials he has been exposed to and whether, what was learnt has successfully bridged the gap between Theory and Reality.

“My ultimate purpose in educating traders is to mentor traders to be more focused, disciplined, and patient, subsequently leading them towards consistent trading results.” One of the biggest obstacles to successful trading nowadays, is the overload of information amidst the constant bombardment of over-marketed products, which prevents traders from realising the real benefits and uncapped opportunities in trading the Financial Markets Online.”

Kenny Simon, Errante Market Strategist

We are expecting great things from Kenny and our traders in the weeks and months ahead.

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