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Ultra-low latency datacentre co-location
Ultra-low latency datacentre co-location

Future CFDs

Trade the most commonly traded energy assets

Errante offers automatic rollover for new contracts of financial instruments that have an expiration date.

As trading platforms do not support negative prices on financial instruments, in the unlikely event the price of any energy instrument (USOIL, UKOIL and NATGAS) approaches 0, Errante will start closing all open positions at the last available price.

Symbols Description Standard Contract Size (1 lot) Minimum Lot Size Used Margin Trading Sessions (Monday to Friday GMT+3)
USOIL Crude Oil 1000 0.01 1% 01:00-24:00
UKOIL Brent Oil 1000 0.01 1% 03:00-24:00
NATGAS Natural gas 10000 0.01 1% 01:00-24:00
COCOA.f Cocoa 100 0.01 5% 11:45 – 20:30
COFFEE.f Coffee 1000 0.01 5% 11:15 – 20:30
COPPER.f Copper 200000 0.01 5% 01:00 – 24:00
COTTON.f Cotton 10000 0.01 5% 04:00 – 21:20
SUGAR.f Sugar 10000 0.01 5% 10:30 – 20:00

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Our MT4 & MT5 platform is at the forefront of our trading software and boasts millions of users worldwide, featuring an in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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